Shout Out UK invites you to discuss the under-representation of women in politics


With a female prime minister, 32% female MPs and 26% female peers, parliament is more gender-balanced than ever before.

But it’s not enough.

On 5th July 2018, Shout Out UK is inviting 100 young people to Parliament to discuss the under-representation of women in politics.

To honour 100 years since SOME women got the vote, we will look at the ways different oppressions intersect to prevent women from engaging in politics, discussing specifically the experiences of women of colour, disabled women, trans women and poorer women. We will discuss what barriers we perceive to exist, both preventing women from entering politics professionally, and from engaging with politics generally. We will talk about why this matters – not only for women but for everyone.

We will hear from some inspirational speakers, including Jen Davis, 27, who works for Labour MP Eleanor Smith, Azzees Minott, 25-year-old Green Party member and Milly Evans, an 18-year old activist who set up and Our Progress Project, among others.

The speakers will give us an insight into their experiences of the world of politics, the barriers they faced and how they overcame them. However, the main focus of the day will be on the young participants and their ideas.

The participants will work in groups to think of creative ideas for what can be done to increase the representation of women in politics.

Do you think there should be curriculum change? Do you have an app that could help? Could you set up a campaign? Whatever ideas the participants have, the power is in their hands.

The group that comes up with the best – most creative, viable and powerful – idea will receive a prize and the opportunity to work with Shout Out UK beyond the event to implement their idea.

In this event we will not just talk about a problem. We will work together to think of solutions to the problem and then we will make it a reality.

Girls, boys, young, old – join us in Parliament on 5th July. Because representation matters – for ALL of us. Book your free place here.

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